Sunday, August 26, 2012

Farewell My Friends

 I want to personally thank each person who took the time out to say a prayer for me on my time off this week. It has been a hard decision and I've been thinking about it for some time now. During my days off from posting blogs I thought about how much I do and how I get so busy doing things that I have neglected where I am needed the most. 

And so I had this spirit of heaviness that was weighing me down so much that I wasn't been productive in the area of Ministry where the Lord has called me. And so this decision does not come easy because I have been blogging on this site for almost four years and been faithful to it. But how many of you know that while doing things that are good is not always where the Lord would have you to be?

Over the years I have meet some wonderful friends we shared stories some of you have even contacted me personally and had me pray for you, some of you we talked on the phone without even meeting face to face.  I will never forget any of you. 

To my faithful readers and those who comment all the time I feel as though I know you guys so very well, and though we never met in person I know your hearts and you know mine. So you know this is hard for me to do. But I must be obedient to God and do more of what He has called me to do and that is to Evangelize.And do it with everything that is within me. But see I could not do that at first because I was spreading myself so thin. 

But I want you to know today that you can still connect with me over at "The Devotion Cafe' 
love and empowerment is the foundation.

To me this is not the end of our friendship but just another chapter in our relationship. And so I pray that you would follow me over to The Devotion Cafe' each day and receive your freshly brewed cup of the word. During those days where I took of from writing I had many thoughts come into my mind and than I even thought of how Mary and Martha both loved Jesus but when Jesus came to visit Mary sat at His feet to learn more of Him while Martha stayed in the back cooking, cleaning and being busy of the world. And so it had me thinking, have I become so busy in doing other things that I have neglected what is really important? And the answer was "YES" I have neglected what was really important and though I love blogging on this site and it has helped many people I had to learn this lesson that the Lord showed me.  Desiray are you doing it for (God) or are you doing it for yourself? 

The Lord has been speaking to me about leaving this site many times before and each time I disobeyed all because I viewed it as what I am writing I am helping but God was saying it was for a season and your season is now over. 
I need you to be working more in your calling I have called you to.

I will miss you all so very much thank you for the friendship and sisterhood, but most of all for accepting me as your sister in Christ. I look forward to seeing your lovely faces at The Devotion Cafe.